ILD Global Registration
ILD RegistrationILD Global was established to provide Affiliate Members with special resources to help them develop successful businesses. These resources come in the form of Leadership Training, Business Support Materials, and other events and materials. These materials are made available on a voluntary basis to all affiliated IBOs to complement and enhance the assistance of their organization. Your nominal registration fee covers expenses associated with administration of ILD Global. ILD Global maintains a friendly staff who are ready, willing, and able to help answer your customer support questions.
During the following registration process, you will be given the option of selecting ILD Membership by checking a box. If you want access to ILD's Business Support Materials and Leadership Events, you must select this box. You must enter a valid debit or credit card that will be charged a $35 Membership Fee.
Only Affiliate Members of ILD are authorized to purchase Business Support Materials or attend ILD Leadership Meetings. 
ILD Subscriptions
You will be given the opportunity to subscribe to different business support resources. You are strongly encouraged to thoroughly analyze the selections and choose what is appropriate for your commitment and budget.